Law Would Make Breaking Car Windows Legal to Save a Life

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DALLAS -- Texas temps may be dropping, but a Dallas politician wants to make it easier to save kids and pets from hot cars. If Representative Jason Villalba gets his way, breaking a window to save a life won’t be a crime, even if the car owner claims they were gone only a minute.

“A lot of people say, ‘oh it was only for a second' and a couple of minutes is all it can take for temperatures to reach such high levels that it can be deadly for pets and children,” said Maura Davies of the SPCA.

People may not think about pets needing to be saved, but Davies says they are just as vulnerable.

“One thing that people don’t realize is pets have a higher normal body temperature than people and they don’t have an efficient way to sweat," said Davies.

While the bill would also make it a crime to leave an animal in a car, some animal lovers can’t imagine leaving their pets at home.

“My dog loves riding in the car and he goes everyplace with me so I would hate for their to be a restriction," said a dog owner who didn't want to be identified.

She makes sure her dog, Boo, always has A/C but is worried people may be quick to bust out a window. “There must be a restriction on waiting time unless the dog is in distress, there should be a restriction on waiting time before you do that like 30 minutes unless it’s clear that the dog is in distress.”

In the meantime, punching in a car window to save a dog may cost you a couple of bones. “Those little guys don’t have that voice they can’t say, ‘hey let me out.’ So it’s important to protect them. This legislation is definitely a good thing," said Davies.

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