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CARROLLTON, TX – Five year old Layla has more than just a pretty voice.

“From the very first moment you meet her,” says her mother, Sara Stamp, “just the smile, the silliness she brings, she`s just got an energy and light about her that just draws people in.”

Despite her silliness and that smile, Layla is going through something very serious.

“She was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer last October right after her fourth birthday,” said Sara. “We knew that Layla really wanted to do snow and we had planned a trip to Utah or Colorado and the timing was just not going to work with as fast as she was declining […] they had said about two to eight weeks and that was about two weeks ago.”

Well, Thursday little Layla – and of course her family – got the gift of a lifetime.

“She’s reacting on the inside and she can tell us that yes, she’s happy and that she likes it,” said Sara talking about the artificial snow in their front yard. “Everyday we wake up and pray that she`s going to wake up and walk down the stairs.”

Family owned Emergency Ice stepped in to make the snow day possible – for free!

“We started doing snow parties for terminally ill children about six months after my son passed,” says one of the Emergency Ice owners, Donnell Toler.

For her, this is about more than a bag of ice. Her son Cole died seven years ago from the same kind of cancer. “It helps us to know that it’s a blessing for them, helping them create memories that they`ll remember forever and cherish forever.”

Layla`s mother Sara says the only help they ask for now – is raising awareness and money, for research to help other children like Layla and Cole.

Visit Layla’s website to find out more.