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DALLAS — To take a cue from Drake, if you’re reading this, it may be too late. Unless you’re a SUPER savvy last minute Christmas shopper!  NewsFix met plenty at The Galleria Dallas.

“Santa Claus won’t let us say what we’re getting but we always like to find those little stocking stuffers for my bonus son and my bonus daughter,” shopper, Maryanne Visconti Pfeffer said.

“I’m still looking, there’s still some people that I don’t get to see that often that are with us that I don’t know what they want, so I’m trying to surprise them still,” Tracy Cloud explained. “With all the festivities around here, you can just feel Christmas, it’s wonderful.”

“I guess Santa got [some jeans] for me,”  Adam Visconti said.

“We came out just because we wanted to be with family and to have fun, and to get away from the pressures of Christmas,” said Tracy Thompson, yet another shopper we found.

“We’re actually doing some last-minute Christmas shopping for our grandparents.  Sometimes we go shopping earlier, and sometimes late for the specials,” Betzy and Yolanda Orta added.

But with some stores staying open 24 hours leading up to Christmas Eve, and online stores open at any hour, will that change your shopping habits?

“I order the majority online,” Cloud said.  “I miss shopping in the mall.”

“I can never shop online,” Visconti said.

“Online, it takes way too much to arrive,” Betzy mentioned.

“I love to shop online.  with his living in New York, I can send things. But it’s so nice to get into a store so I can touch and feel and stuff,” Visconti Pfeffer said.

“I’ve got my shopping done, I just need to wrap my presents,” Teresa Thompson laughed.

Bag a shopping tip from the experts: “And if it’s really last-minute, a lot of retailers have pre-wrapped goodies, that you can just walk in and grab, and they’re already wrapped and ready to be gifted,” Fashion Stylist-Galleria Dallas Holly Quartaro said.

But don’t forget to wrap your seasonal spending in some good ol’ Christmas cheer.

“Merry Christmas to you and have a wonderful holiday season,” Visconti Pfeffer smiled.