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DALLAS – A Dallas homeless man’s dog has been given a stay of execution, at least temporarily, after a court ordered euthanasia. Activists for ‘Lamb of God‘ are appearing in court today to try and save the life of Deep Ellum’s most famous dog.

A spokesperson for Dallas Animal Services said the agency was notified Wednesday of two developing court actions regarding ‘Lamb of God,’ the dog owned by a homeless man Sean Baugh, one asking that euthanasia be reconsidered and one from Dallas County Criminal Courts order the dog not be put to death until further order.

“Members of my staff are also in contact with our partners and concerned residents who have reached out to DAS requesting reconsideration of the euthanasia. As a reminder, DAS has no jurisdiction over the euthanasia and is subject to the order of the Municipal Court,” TC Broadnax said.

A judge ordered the dog be euthanized after she recently bit a child. Lamb of God is regularly seen in Deep Ellum and the Bishop Arts District with Baugh, who dresses up the pet he calls ‘Lamby’ and carries her around on a bicycle or in a child’s stroller as he panhandles. Deep Ellum residents have been complaining about the animal’s treatment, calling it abuse, as supporters say the dog’s actions are a result of her situation.

DAS has no authority in what happens to the dog and is bound by what the court orders. Activists are pleading the dog’s case, claiming its actions were the result of its situation. They’re asking for the dog to be taken from its owner and placed up for adoption.