DALLAS (KDAF) — Winning a Super Bowl is a feeling like no other that only a few people on earth can say they’ve experienced and while winning and all the money that comes with it is otherworldly, the bling acquired after winning at the biggest stage of professional football is ridiculous.

A couple of superstars for the Los Angeles Rams who just so happen to be Texas high school football alums from North Texas were able to enjoy themselves Thursday night as they were given their 2021-22 Super Bowl LVI rings. DeSoto’s Von Miller and Highland Park’s Matthew Stafford were key players in the Rams’ road to glory this past season becoming Super Bowl champs.

Now, the two are going to be in possession of some of the most ridiculous jewelry the sports world can offer. The Rams said in a tweet, “Most carat weight in history of a sports championship ring. The Super Bowl LVI ring in all its glory.”

According to a press release, the rings were designed by a combined effort of Rams players, team leaders, and LA-based Jason of Beverly Hills. “To be able to not only win the Super Bowl, but also to do it in the house Mr. Kroenke built, is really a dream come true,” said Los Angeles Rams Vice President of Football & Business Affairs Tony Pastoors. “We are grateful to Jason and his team for their creativity and passion to deliver a championship ring that reflects our team and their historic season, the one-of-a-kind stadium where it happened, and the city that inspired all of it.”

Quick description of the ring:

“On the face of the ring is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, comprised of one marquise stone and a trophy base of .12 carats of round diamonds to represent the 12 regular season wins. The palm trees on either side of the Trophy celebrate Los Angeles and consist of .26 carats of diamonds representing the franchise’s 26 total postseason wins. The center Rams LA logo features special cut blue and yellow sapphires.”