KockatU Kids: Dallas youth start foundation to give back

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DALLAS, Tx. – Look out! The non-profit – KockatU Kids Foundation – is taking flight!

“KockatU stands for Keeping Our Children Knowledgeable, Affirmed, Thriving and Uplifted,” says Co-CEO and Founder, Gloria, “giving young people a platform to implement their ideas that they have now.”

“We want to give back to the community,” says Co-CEO and Founder, Kylah, “Instill leadership qualities in young people so that when it comes time for them to inherit the world, they know what to do with it — so starting young fuels that fire.”

With roughly 25 members and two meetings a month – the group has grown in the last year, and this week they gathered at the Genius Den to talk about their next genius idea – which launches in January!

“One of our projects, Konnections Magazine, it’s gonna be 100% edited, written and published by the young people. There’s nothing out there like that!” says Kylah.

They’re even in the process of making something pretty sweet…

“So we do fundraisers, of course, to raise money for our organization; so we started selling their chocolate,” says Gloria. “If it can be done, kids can do it, so we said ‘Why not have our own confection company?'”

So they’ve done the taste testings and are waiting on packaging – but the projects don’t stop there.

They’re hosting a Dallas Cowboys Christmas Tailgate Party complete with players, food, music, and amazing prizes.

“What makes us different is that we’re for kids, by kids,” says Gloria.

“You can make a difference, starting now,” says Kylah.

These kids clearly not only have the voice, but also the wings of a “kockatu!”

To get involved send an email with your name, age, and contact information to info@kockatu.com and they’ll set up a “get to know you” meeting.

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