Kitten Rescue: Mechanics Free Feline Trapped in Lexus

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GRAPEVINE, TX -- Okay, it’s no secret cats can be, well, curious…and we all know what curiosity did to the cat.

Yeah, YouTube is littered with funny feline antics caught on cam. Well folks, when it comes to near catastrophes – have we’ve got a ‘tail’ to tell.

It all stated over the holidays, at Park Place Lexus in Grapevine. A customer came in with a bit of a problem.

“The owner said he heard some meowing," dealership employee Mona Lisa Pham explained. "A bunch of the guys tried to help pull her out, and she got stuck behind a heat shield.”

That’s right – look what the cat dragged in: a Lexus RX 350.  The cat was stuck, really stuck, inside the Lexus.

“Me and another guy started taking the bumper off to get access to her,” mechanic Matt Whitehead said.  Whitehead and his competent counterpart got to work dismantling the car to get to the cat.

“I can’t believe she got her head stuck in that tiny hole,” Whitehead recalled.

With steady hands and the skills of a surgeon, the mechanics freed the feline. Hey, she’s no scaredy-cat, she survived like a champ with all nine lives still in tact.
The little kitten now has a home, and a name; RC -- short for rescue cat.

Yeah, guess it really was a December to remember at Park Place Lexus. “I’ve been thinking about getting a cat and I just hadn’t done it," Pham said.

"This happened, so I guess this was meant to be, and it was after Christmas. too.”

Now, isn't that just the cat’s meow?

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