‘King of the Hill’ fans yell ‘Bwaahh’ like Hank Hill on Dallas Bridge — Seriously

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DALLAS — The famous white bridge wasn’t the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas Saturday. It was the Peggy Hill Bridge, I tell you what!

A group gathered next to the bridge to do one thing, and one thing alone. They wanted to scream Hank Hill’s signature “Bwaahh!”

And don’t worry. It was mission accomplished. Hank would have a hard time not going right along with them.

It wasn’t a protest of any kind. It was an appreciation for all things King of the Hill.

“The goal of the event is really just to laugh and bond and meet new people that love King of the Hill,” said event organizer Denise Rodriguez.

It wasn’t only for fun. Some fan art was up for grabs for whoever could do the:

  • Best Bwaahh
  • Longest Bwaahh
  • Best “I tell you what”
  • Best “Dang it, Bobby”
  • Best “That boy ain’t right”
  • Best Bobby Hill “I don’t know you, that’s my purse”
  • Best Boomhauer speech
  • Best Peggy Hill “Whooo yeahhhh”

Even his best buddies came along for the ride. There were spot on Boomhauer and Dale impersonators there.

So why go to all the effort for a show that ended years ago?

“We do kinda see these Hank Hill stereotypes, these Boomhauers, Bills, Dales. I’ve had my fair share of Dales in my life,” said enthusiast Jacob Johnson. “I feel like it portrays North Texas specifically in a way that includes all these other groups.”

Dang it, bobby! Does it need to mean any more than that?

1, 2, 3…Bwaahh!

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