Killing Time: Study Finds Switching to DST Can Lead to Death

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Bad news for those of you who like to sleep in; Daylight Saving Time is coming this weekend. Yeah, we feel your pain.

There's now scientific evidence that at the stroke of 2 AM Sunday, some people will be more susceptible to an actual stroke. Researchers at the University of Turku in Finland found that shifting your clocks by just an hour increases the chances of having the most common type of stroke.

It turns out the most dangerous time is the first two days after the Daylight Saving switch. The risks are higher for certain groups. People with cancer were 25% more likely to have a stroke after the switch. If you’re over the age of 65, a stroke is 20% more likely.

This study supports previous findings that disruptions in the body clock. For example, a change in your work shifts can increase your risk of a stroke.

So even though beauty may only be skin deep it seems like getting your beauty rest might be a matter of life and death. Sweet dreams!

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