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KILLEEN, TX (FOX 44) — Killeen city council made a motion Tuesday evening to come back on its discussion to rename Fort Hood Street to Fort Cavazos.

The motion came with much conversation between city council members.

The main concern was for businesses lining both sides of the road.

Businesses with Fort Hood in its name could face the worry of its public image changing.

Businesses could also face costs to update their addresses and marketing strategies.

Mayor Debbie Nash-King presented this to council to discuss Tuesday evening.

FOX 44 spoke with Mayor Nash-King before the meeting and she said she wants to be in unity with Fort Hood’s decision mentioning their relationship with the city.

With the item on the agenda, she wanted the council to keep in mind the business perspective and the perspective of people in the community.

In specific, veterans and families of active duty service members that live in Killeen.

“It can come with a cost, and the burden will fall on the business owners,” said Mayor Nash-King.
“I have taken all of that under consideration bringing this before the council to make a decision, but I do think the bigger picture is that a confederate name is in the city of Killeen and we need to make that change.”

Former city council member Mellisa Brown asked if the street name is changed would it be businesses or the city who would pay for the costs.

She says it would come at a great cost for businesses to change their marketing material.

On top of changing their address for all banking and legal matters, Brown adds they’d have to do it for the Texas Secretary of State.

“There is nothing to help the City of Killeen help pay for the costs,” said Brown. “Any expense would either be born by the taxpayers or the businesses that are directly affected by it.”

Brown also mentions how Fort Hood’s name change is federally mandated.

Federal funds can be provided to help Fort Hood transition.

Votes were split among council members.

With this motion, the council decided it would be best to speak directly with Fort Hood Street businesses to gather their thoughts on the situation and come back to make a decision.