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ORLANDO, Fla. – As you know, morning dose. has partnered with the amazing organization Kidd’s Kids, which gives kids with life altering conditions and their families the chance of a lifetime. To take a trip to Disney World with all expenses paid — a week of no worries whatsoever.

The trips used to be open for kids aged 12 and under, but now it’s expanded to teenagers. Our own Shane Allen is there this morning as Kidd’s Kids takes their second Teen Trip.

Caroline Kraddick, who considers herself the original Kidd’s Kid, talked to Shane about her special moments being joined by Ryan Cabrera to sing for the teens, even debuting her new single. Caroline’s dad, legendary radio DJ Kidd Kraddick, served as a mentor for Ryan, who’s now working with Caroline on her new album.

Shane’s on assignment gathering stories we’re going to bring you in the coming weeks on morning dose. (But we hopes to get to enjoy a few rides.)

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