KFC Unveils New Sunscreen That Smells Like Chicken

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LOUISVILLE, KY — Kentucky Fried Chicken is hoping their new product will let you smell like fried chicken while trying not to bake like one.

KFC made 3,000 bottles of sunscreen that smells like their original recipe.  No, you cannot eat the beauty product.

The sunscreen that was bottled up was only available in SPF 30.

This is not the first time KFC came up with a wacky, unconventional product to sell.

The chicken company also sold edible nail polish in Hong Kong. It came in two flavors: Original and Hot and Spicy.

KFC also showcased the chicken corsage during a commercial in 2014. Many people from around the country decided to go with a chicken corsage versus one with flowers.

If smelling like the Original Recipe is your thing, you can’t get the product anymore. All 3,000 products have been called for after being on the website for one day.

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