KFC has launched a chicken sandwich into space, signaling it’s all downhill from here for humanity

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PAGE, AZ — In it’s latest PR stunt, Kentucky Fried Chicken launched its new Spicy Zinger Chicken Sandwich into the sky on Thursday, June 29 in Page, AZ.

At which point, we need to ask ourselves are we truly circling the drain as a species?

KFC and World View Enterprises, a Tucson-based company, teamed up on the campaign. The sandwich will remain in the stratosphere for four days, floating at an altitude between 50,000 and 80,000 feet (that’s between 9.5 miles and 15.2 miles).

The Stratollite balloon, a high-altitude balloon, was created for the purpose of more serious military and space versed tasks. World View eventually plans to use the balloons to send humans up to the border between Earth and space for tourism purposes.

The β€œZinger-1” is currently floating through the stratosphere, which is the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere. The stratosphere is right above the troposphere, the layer where weather happens.

KFC is using Facebook to post live shots and tweets (#spacesanwich) to update fans on the status of the sandwich.

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