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DALLAS, TX- It’s been over three months since the passing of D’Lisa Kelley. The pregnant mother was found strangled and beaten to death in an abandoned home back in March.

During a phone call, Kelley’s sister said it sounded like D’lisa was in a confrontation with a man. When she called back, D’Lisa’s phone went to voicemail.

The final call the sister made was to police.

Cops reportedly told the family it would take a week before a missing person report could be filed.

“They never responded on the immediate day,” Dominique Alexander said. Alexander is the Executive Director of the Kelley Alert Foundation, and a childhood friend of D’Lisa. “Even on Saturday when they came and gave the sister the police report, they really didn’t do anything.”

Now, D’Lisa’s family wants justice.

They came together Saturday for a march. However, it wasn’t just a memorial for D’Lisa, but a reminder of what they believe needs to change.

“We can’t bring D’Lisa back, but what we can do is make sure she is that perfect sacrificial lamb that this doesn’t happen again.”

Since D’Lisa’s death, the Kelley Alert Foundation has been organized.

The goal? Getting law enforcement to respond more aggressively to 911 calls regarding missing persons. In addition, enforcing a citywide search to be conducted within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the original 911 call.

Along with the march, a Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Kelley Alert Foundation, in hopes that it saves someone from a similar fate.