Keep The Change: People Leaving Big Money at Airports

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DALLAS - Ever leave the airport feeling like you`ve been nickel and dimed? Well you`re not alone; turns out, the TSA says you literally are losing money when you fly.

In the latest fiscal year, travelers left behind almost $675,000 in spare change at American airports. It`s no coincidence the busiest airports in the country have the most charitable passengers.

JFK International comes in first when it comes to giving with over $42,000 left at checkpoints. DFW International lands at number 5 with almost $30,000 in donations.

So where exactly does all that extra money go? the TSA says they do everything they can to reunite passengers with lost items, but when that loose change isn't claimed, it's sent first class to the TSA financial office.

Why would they want to stop a good thing? The tips to the TSA have increased every year since 2011. The TSA says they plan on using this year’s good fortune to expand its pre-check program.

So the next time you`re at an airport, make sure you pick up your pocket change -- unless you'd like to make the TSA the charity of your choice.

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