Kanye Not Best: Demands Wheelchair-Bound Concertgoer to Stand Up

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SYDNEY, AUSTRLIA –When it comes to Kanye West, we’re all too familiar with his love for, well -- himself. And his rants and outbursts, and the way he likes to interrupt things.

Well, the 'Louis Vuitton Don' took his ego to a new low at a concert in Sydney, Australia .

In the middle of his song, the rapper stopped the show – claiming he wouldn’t continue unless everyone was on their feet. But there were two people still sitting.

"There's two people that don't want to stand up," a fan video catches him saying. "This is the longest I've had to wait to do a song. It's unbelievable."

Well as it turns out, the two people who weren’t standing, were in wheelchairs.

"Now if he is in a wheelchair then it's fine. Is he in a wheelchair right there?” West says.

Really Kanye?

Now, as promised, he finished the song, but not without embarrassing two fans – and once again – himself.

Guess that’s just how he rolls.

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