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IRVING, TX-Say Aloha to North Texas’ hula school, Ka Pa Hula O Manulani. Their moves and chants will make you feel Hawaiian at heart!

It’s not quite what you’d expect when you think of hula class. There are no grass skirts or coconut bras at this halau (that’s Hawaiian for hula school); instead, we found a beautiful array of bright, colorful skirts, traditional chants, and graceful dance moves.

“My students are comprised of every walk of life, not only gender-related but age-related, ethnicity, and religious background. If you’re not Hawaiian, you become Hawaiian when you walk in the door,” said hula instructor Manu Birkmire.

“What might surprise people is that hula came out of warfare movements and men used to dance hula before women did,” said David Alvarado, a hula student.

At this halau, it doesn’t matter if you’re Hawaiian or not; there is a sense of unity, of family, and that’s what the Aloha spirit is all about.

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