Just kidding, company not paying to have Deep Ellum mural repainted

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DALLAS-- The whole Deep Ellum mural being painted over sounds like a punch line to a joke.

Let’s start from the top.

In April, a couple local well known artists donated this gorgeous mural to the Deep Ellum community, honoring local veterans.

“I am excited about it," says Preston Pannek, back in April. He's one of the artists. "I am proud," says Jeremy Lock. He's the artist who took the picture the mural was based off. They donated the mural to the Deep Ellum Community.

Then right before independence day, the company that owns the building painted over it in black. “There was absolutely no reason for it, this was a spite thing it seems,” says Pannek. “The timing is pretty bad.”

Westdale properties then apologized, saying it was a lapse of judgement, and decided to pay the costs to have the artists repaint it.

But... then they decided not to do that, saying their money is better spend somewhere else.

Not only are the artists insulted, but believe it was a total PR move.

People online are wondering why the company couldn’t just have done both?

We haven’t heard back for Westdale for a comment.

However, we are still wondering what everyone else is… why the heck did they paint over it in the first place?
This isn’t the end of the story.

The artists are still trying to figure out what the right move is, and what do to about this red, white, and black wall.

There is even a whole group on Facebook about it.

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