Just kickin’ it: Dak attends local kicking camp

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FRSICO, TX — Every kid grows up wanting to be a star quarterback, flashy wide receiver or hard hitting linebacker but somebody has to do the kicking!

Yeah, it may not be the coolest part of football but punting and kicking are some of the most important, and the guys over at One on One Kicking are out to make sure these special teamers get the right education.

“It’s not sexy to be a punter all the time but those coaches and especially quarterbacks and defense love punters because we can flip the field and make the jobs a lot easier for the defense,” said Director of Operations Will Goggans.

And the training is meticulous.

“You really just want to break it down because it’s all about the muscle memory and consistency,” Brian Egan, the Director of Kicking, said. “So what we’re doing now is we’re really trying to train kids in the proper muscle memory and form.”

Well the kids got some added motivation when Dak Prescott rolled up. Dak was roommates with coach Brian Egan at Mississippi State and took some time to hold some kicks like he used to back in college, something he’s apparently still good at.

“He was awesome, he’s great,” said Egan. “You know he’s pretty good at everything he does.”

So the kickers got some great experience and Dak got to brush of his special team rust. Good thing, too, because if the Cowboys ever need an emergency holder, we know how important it is for the star QB to hang onto the snap!

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