Jumping The Shark: Henry Winkler Visits Fort Worth

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Heyyyy is right! The Fonz was in town Wednesday and we met up with Henry Winkler at the Stayton in Fort Worth to see what he’s been up to since his happy days!

“I am writing with my partner we have written 27 novels for children,” said Winkler.

Although his days as the Fonz are over, we couldn’t help but ask him about a phrase he helped coin; jumping the shark!

Alright, we’ll take it back for all you youngsters scratching your heads.

“A moment in a show’s history when a show is in decline, they call that jumping the shark, cause the Fonz jumped the shark,” said Winkler.

After the Fonz literally jumps over a shark on water skis, fully equipped with his leather jacket in a scene on Happy Days, the term “jumping the shark” became a thing.

Pretty cool, huh? So what does he love about DFW?

“It is friendly, it’s delicious, I had Angelo’s bar-be-cue, it doesn’t get any better than that,” said Winkler.

Heyyyyy, we like you too! Stay cool Fonz, we mean Henry!

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