Juicy Lawsuit: Man Claims Beyonce Stole His Ideas for ‘Lemonade’

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LOUISVILLE, KY -- Whether you're team Bey-hive or a bitter Becky, Beyonce's "Lemonade" is still creating a buzz. But there's one person in particular who's pretty sour about it. An independent filmmaker and creative director at WDRB news in Kentucky is suing the Queen.

According to Billboard, Matthew Fulks claims the ideas used in the trailer for Beyonce's HBO special were copied from his short film "Palinoia." He says Sony Music, Columbia Recording, and Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment contacted him about an opportunity to direct a video for the group MS MR.

Fulks then sent links of "Palinoia" hoping to get the gig.

But five months later, he says he was surprised to see familiar scenes duplicated in the HBO trailer. In the lawsuit, Fulks points out at least nine examples that are "substantially similar" between his film and the 60 second promo.

So now, Fulks is planning to turn lemons into his own glass of lemonade.

He's reportedly demanding all profits from the exploitation of his work, including "Lemonade" album sales -- which has sold more than a million copies.

No word from Parkwood Entertainment regarding this juicy lawsuit.

Sometimes imitation is the best form of flattery, but when you've got money like Bey, people might try to squeeze a check out of you!

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