‘Journey of Hope’ Pedals for a Cause

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DALLAS – Biking can be an exercise and a journey all rolled into two wheels. Yet, for a group of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity members, it isn’t just a regular ride, it’s a journey of hope.

The group Journey of Hope, organized by Push America, is cycling 75 miles a day. Yes a day. The purpose – to raise money for people with disabilities.

“The cyclists have chosen to give up their summer to raise money for a cause that’s just near and dear to their hearts,” a member of the cycling group said.

Each Journey of Hope cyclist pledges to $5,500. Collectively, with the help of corporate sponsors, the group plans to reach their $500,000 goal.

However, the race isn’t solely about generating cash.

The cyclists want to get the wheels in people’s heads spinning, get a handle on the issue, and raise awareness.

“What motivated me to do it [is that] I have a cousin who is severely Autistic,” Caleb Lade said.

Lade is a senior at Texas Christian University. “I’ve always had a passion for people with disabilities and what they can actually accomplish.”

Going the distance for this cause, is perhaps one journey that’s more important than money.

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