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October 28 2021 07:00 pm

New Video Shows Joseph Randle Shoplifting at Dillard’s

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FRISCO — Video of the infamous Joseph Randle shoplifting scandal at a Frisco Dillard’s has been leaked and it’s pretty damning evidence.

The former Dallas Cowboys running back was was arrested in October 2014 for stealing a package of men’s Polo brand underwear and a bottle of cologne. At the time, Randle claimed he didn’t have time to stop and pay for the items.

Surveillance video obtained by TMZ Sports shows Randle in the men’s department at Dillard’s looking at box of underwear; he can be seen in the video circling a display while placing the boxed underwear in a Dillard’s sack he’s carrying.

After that, Randle can be seen pulling the same move with a tester bottle at a men’s cologne display.

Store security personnel were alerted as Randle left the store and can be seen in the video leading Randle back inside, where he proceeds to remove items from his sack.

Two weeks after the arrest, video was released from the Frisco jail, showing Randle rambling and requesting a massage. Cameras also caught him commenting on Josh Brent’s drunk driving arrest, calling the event that killed fellow player Jerry Brown ‘stupid.’

Randle was fined by the Cowboys and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft and was sentenced to six months probation.

THEN, just a few months later, Randle was again arrested, this time at a Wichita, Kansas hotel on a domestic violence call. He was booked for having weed, but those charges were later dropped. The incident ended with Randle’s ex filing a protection order.

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