Johnny Manziel to judge: ‘I need to get my life in order’

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DALLAS – “This situation is in my hands, I’m taking this responsibility and I need to get my life in order.”

Those are the words of redemption straight from Johnny Manziel’s mouth. Tuesday morning, the former NFL quarterback faced a judge for a hearing on his misdemeanor assault charge. Apparently, Mr. Manziel missed a deadline on his progress update.

“Not everyone who comes through here gets this kind of opportunity,” the judge told Manziel.  “You’re in charge of what happens to your case.”

As of now, the 24-year-old is hoping for a dismissal in the domestic violence case. Last year, Johnny’s ex-girl claimed he assaulted and kidnapped her after an argument over another girl.

Since then, Johnny has had a journey mixed with alleged fights, run-ins with his ex, Twitter tantrums and to top it all off– he’s been out of a job for quite a while.

“I would hate for you to miss out on the opportunity you have before you,” added the judge.

This time around, instead of tweeting that he’s a changed man, Johnny football told it to the judge:

“Dealing with the things in the NFL,  dealing with the things the court has asked me to do — it’s helping me get my life back together.”

Well, there you have it. Johnny’s next hearing could be when he signs the dismissal papers.


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