John Wiley Price Arrested, Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Taking Bribes

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DALLAS, TX – Back in June of 2013, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price put it very simply saying, “I don’t have any reason to look over my shoulder.”

Well, all of that has changed now. Price was arrested Friday morning on corruption charges.

“He accepted approximately $950,000 in cash, in cars and in land from consultant Kathy Nealy” said US Attorney Sarah Saldana, “In exchange for using his influence on commissioner’s court to act favorably on behalf of Nealy`s clients, and those of Christian Campbell, who’s also a consultant in Dallas.”

The Federal indictment shows that the FBI has been actively investigating Price since 2001. His home was raided back in 2011 with agents seizing more than $200,000, expensive watches and other property.

The investigation finally came to a head on Friday.

“They allegedly conducted concealed transactions to advance their personal interest and to unlawfully enrich themselves at the expense of the Dallas County citizens” said Diego Rodriguez an FBI special agent.

Leaving the Earle Cabell Federal Building, Price simply repeated to the media that he was “not guilty” and would be getting back to work. A task that will have a few more distractions than usual.

JWP: Read the Full John Wiley Price Indictment

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