Jessica Lowndes is what you call a quadruple threat. She is an actress, singer, writer and now she is adding director to that list.

She started working on her visual album “ELEMENTAL” during the pandemic and with everything shut down there was no better time to get it done. This album showcase’s her directorial debut about falling in love and finding new love and it invokes so many more emotions.

The album will show case 7 different songs that create a 30 minute short to tell her story. She uses elements of nature, such as earth and fire to convey the emotions of the stories told and each one with a new element.

Her new single “BITTER END” show cases the element of earth because we see her going through an earthquake in her relationship and her first single “HUNTER” is represented by fire.

She wanted natural disasters to serve as a metaphor and a device to show the inner joy and turmoil of love.

“ELEMENTAL” will not be fully released until September. “BITTER END” and “HUNTER” are out now.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on June 10, 2022.