Java Junkies: Coffee Fest Brews It Up In Dallas

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DALLAS — Java, mud, a cup o’ joe… no matter what you call it, we love our coffee! And this weekend, Coffee Fest is hitting Dallas at the Convention Center.

“This is our 77th show, first time ever in Dallas, first time ever in the State of Texas,” said Erika Lowery the VP of Coffee Fest Trade Shows. “What we do is we try to bring everything under one roof for business owners, retailers, roasters, importers all in the speciality coffee industry.”

Everything under one roof is right. Coffee Fest has it all, from local vendors, like Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, to coffee innovators.

“This is First Build’s Prisma cold brew. It’s the world’s first cold brew coffee maker that makes cold brew in ten minutes,” Simon Harrah, the community design manager with First Build. “Cold brew coffee usually takes 12 hours for it to make a good thing of cold brew, but this thing uses vacuum technology to pull out all that full-bodied flavor.”

Yeah, old world coffee beans and space age technology!

While we were out with these java geniuses, we had to ask what’s their go-to cup of coffee in the morning is?

“I’m pretty old school. I actually drink a triple-short Americano every morning. Three shots of espresso with a little bit of water,” said Lowery.

“My go-to is our signature blend, the Rosemont Crest blend,” Mark Corapi of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters said. “I like to do it on a Chem-X.”

“Something from Sunergos coffee and I use a Chem-X process,” Justin Brown, with First Build, said.

Hey, whether you’re a Chem-X expert or just somebody who doesn’t care what it is, as long as it’s hot, black and caffeinated; nothing wakes us up and keeps us going like dear old coffee.


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