Jason Jenga: Witten Takes On Boys & Girls Club In ‘Jenga’ Match

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DALLAS — Jason Witten is one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history, but can he handle one of the world’s most nerve-wracking games?

Witten was out at the Oak Cliff Boys and Girls Club to celebrate the unveiling of the facility’s new activity room, and while he was there he faced off against the kids in a high stakes, winner takes all Jenga match!

“You know it was fun, I think for those kids, to be able to be around them.” said Witten, “Be a role model and I think many of them are Cowboys fans so it makes it even more special to be with them in a club like this.”

The game of Jenga was a thrilling back and forth affair, but in the end, the kids pulled out the win over #82!

“You know I’ve got the big hands, that kind of got in the way for me!” Witten joked about his “loss”.

Well to the victors go the spoils: a brand new X-Box One!

Told you it was high stakes.

And we’re sure the next time a big game is on the line, we can trust Jason to make the play and the “blocks” will be on his side.

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