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ARLINGTON –  Opening Day is still six weeks away, not that we’re counting;  but, that didn’t keep new Rangers season ticket holders from living out their childhood fantasies at the Ballpark

After placing a deposit on a full or half season plan fans got a chance to swing for their seats. Hitting a home run meant season tickets would be 100% free.

That’s a lot of chances to see manager Jeff Bannister, who just got his contract extended through 2018.

Not to mention, you’ll be extra protected by new foul line netting installed this off-season.

“Fans here were ready to bring back the glory days.

“My best hitting achievement was the beer and pizza league playing softball where I know I crushed one out their scored the winning run,” says Mike Wang

“I hit a couple out at Randall Mill park during batten practice,” says Rudy Theobald.

And NewsFix’s own Nathan Bickell got in not the action.

“In 10th grade playing JV baseball, I one-hopped the fence,” Bickell boasts.

“Everything stayed well within the ballpark, but I think I had a couple singles, maybe a double if the outfielders are playing particularly poor,” says Bickell.

But the fans run of futility changed when t all changed when Bryon Anderson stepped up to the plate and took one deep… and won himself four season tickets

Hey Rangers… we bet Byron is a free agent for opening day.

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