Got Pot? Dallas passes cite and release for small amounts of weed

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DALLAS — Cite and release is no longer a pipe dream in Dallas.

Yeah, city leaders puff, puff passed the measure Wednesday. That means, starting October 1st, police can issue tickets to offenders caught with small amounts of marijuana, instead of throwing them in jail.

And by small amount, they mean under four ounces.

Right now marijuana possession, a class A misdemeanor, could cost you up to a year in prison and a $4,000 fine.

“The punishment is not for the blunt you had in your pocket, your punishment is because you’re poor,” one speaker said Wednesday during the Dallas City Council meeting.

Critics of cite and release claim it will serve no purpose to the city and will give people an excuse to get high.

“I just don’t get why people have got to be high all the time,” said councilman Rick Callahan. “They simply need to go to school and get a job.”

In the end, councilman Philip Kingston, who strongly supports the policy, wanted to nip the discussion in the bud once and for all, “It’s been briefed and briefed again and again. It is time to act!”

And just like that, a 10 to 5 vote gave cite-and-release the green light. Again, it goes into effect October 1st.

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