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DALLAS — Remember Jack?

“People grab their children and are completely worried until that big tongue comes out just like that!” dog owner Candice Aaron told NewsFix last October as her adopted dog, Jack, licked her face.

That’s good old Captain Jack. His Dallas Pets Alive! happy tails adoption story just got sweeter.

“The second the two of them met, it was magic,” Aaron said.

Ralphie, formerly known as Soulja, looked like he came straight out of war when he was scooped off the street.

“Dallas Animal Services found Soulja with a big gash in his head,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

The pit bull had an abscess burst on the side of his head, and he was in dire straits until DAS patched and stitched the gaping wound. From there, he was put on the market with no other health problems and a positive outlook.

“He is the sweetest 11-month-old pit bull mix that I have ever met,” Edman said.

The Aaron family, including Jack, agreed.

“I start to hear what sounds like a herd of elephants, and it’s just the two of them running through the house chasing each other, wrestling and playing,” Aaron said. “They just click.”

When the family took a day trip to a friend’s pool recently, they learned Ralphie is a force on both land and sea.

“Before we knew it, Ralphie leaped full body into the water,” Aaron said. “He’s Ralphie Phelps. He’s quick, and he seems to have webbed feet, and he just sails through the water. He’s got a long body like Phelps.”

So now it’s Captain Jack and gold medal First Mate Ralphie reporting for duty.

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