It`s been one year since Pokemon Go came out

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DALLAS — Guess who’s turning one today? Yeah, it’s the one year anniversary of the launch of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that took over the world last summer.

Whether we were talking safety, exercise, or terrible jokes, Pokemon Go was everywhere.

But the numbers are still staggering. According to Apptopia, an app stats tracker, Pokemon Go has been downloaded 752 million times! That’s more than twice for every person in America.

Apptopia also says that the game had 60 million players last month. That’s down from the highs of over 100 million monthly players last summer, but not that much of a drop.

So what’s kept this fad from going the way of Beanie Babies and Pogs? Users credit two things: upgrades and community.

“This latest thing they’ve developed with these raid battles in Pokemon Go, we experienced it yesterday,” said John Hardie, executive director of the National Video Game Museum. “We were out and next thing I know we’re trying to take down this giant Tyranataur and there’s like ten different people. And it worked. What they wanted to do worked. There was ten different people who didn’t know each other, we all came together over by Dr. Pepper Stadium and we joined up an beat it.”

So mark this one down as a win for gamers.

Of course the question has to be asked: After a year of playing how haven’t they caught them all yet?

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