It’s All Good: David Beckham’s Most Rewarding Soccer Win Yet

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LONDON — Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to Bend It Like Beckham once or twice. Don’t be ashamed, it’s all good, especially for the star athlete himself.

David Beckham is schooling everybody on UNICEF’s humanitarian efforts — starting with his personal goal of traveling around the world to spread awareness about the suffering of women and children in developing countries.

“It’s an ambitious one,” Beckham explained. “But I want see the places where we’re raising the money for.”

Beckham kicked off  his 7 Fund, where he’ll take on a soccer marathon of seven games, in seven continents… in 10 days!

“It’s to help children get education, get water, have protection from HIV and AIDS,” he explained.

Yeah, this probably puts Beckham at the top of his game in doing good!

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