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DALLAS — With the State Fair of Texas opening this week, it was time for a look at the state of the State Fair.  The Dallas Police Department says while shooting and bombing threats are making the news, it will be business as usual for the fair.  They don’t plan on changing anything up, but will be well-staffed.

DART and DPD suggest visitors leave the big bags at home. But you can bring a concealed gun in, if (and only if) you’re licensed.

“Concealed carry is allowed inside the fair grounds. Concealed carry,” explains officer William Humphrey of the Dallas Police Department. “Open carry is not. So that’s the difference, concealed carry, as long as you have your permits and license, which will be checked, you’ll be allowed inside the fair ground.”

Even State Fair rides are being put to the test for safety. Especially with coaster mishaps over the summer in other places.

“If they come in and they’ve already had their yearly inspection, we re-inspect them as they get here. Whether they need it or not they get inspected here,” said Rusty Fitzgerald of State Fair of Texas.

The fair starts Friday, September 30, and runs through Sunday, October 23.