It Pays to be Ugly: Handsome Men Don’t Get the Job

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NORTH TEXAS — Hey guys, having trouble landing that new job? Well, chances are it has nothing to do with that resume and everything to do with your good looks.

Yeah, you heard right. According to a study by the University of Maryland, handsome men might get rejected for competitive jobs.

So George Clooney’s of the world, beware. While being a handsome devil does make you seem more competent and put together, other dudes might find that threatening.

The study shows that 870 men submitted the same resumes with the same qualifications but submitted different pictures and just guess who turned out on top?

Yeah, the average Joe.

The study did find that the reverse effect happened to attractive women, looks like it still pays to be pretty and smart.

So don’t feel so bad guys, if you didn’t land the job, chalk it up to being ridiculously good looking.

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