Isaiah Crowell Donating To Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation Due To Disturbing Instagram Post!

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CLEVELAND, OH —  How many of us have been betrayed by social media?

The dreaded screenshot, sending a snap to the wrong person or accidentally posting a pic on Instagram that wasn’t supposed to be there?

Yeah, well here’s another social media deceit for you. Unlike other social media disasters, there’s a happy ending to this one!

Last week Cleveland Browns running back, Isaiah Crowell, posted a photo in response to the two black men who were killed by police. Let’s just say, the Instagram post was not ready for prime time.

The photo is pretty graphic. It was an illustration of an individual, dressed in black, with an American flag vest, cutting the police officer across the throat.

The caption read:

“Mood:  they give police all types of weapons and they continuously choose to kill us” #Weak.

Whoa, really?

Since the post, Crowell has publicly apologized with a video on his Facebook page and promised to give his first game check to the Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation. That’s about $35,000 folks!

“I did something I wish I could take back. I posted a really disgusting bad picture and I took it down immediately because I knew I was wrong,” says Crowell.

Looks like Isaiah Crowell learned a huge lesson and it wasn’t on the field.

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