Is Tupac alive in Malaysia? Bizarre series of posts from Suge J. Knight claim he is

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The 'Tupac is alive' theory has found new light this morning thanks to Suge Knight's son.

Suge J. Knight is on a roll on Instagram, sending out a string of bizarre posts that claim Tupac is alive and living in Malaysia.

It all started with a simple image that read "Tupac is alive."

Next, Knight shared a screenshot of a text fight he had with an anonymous person who allegedly told him, quote "you said too much. Time for you to go."

From there, Knight shared images that appear to show an older Tupac posing with 50 cent and then Beyonce.

Just a few hours ago he shared both a picture and video from Malaysia of a person he claims is Tupac , captioning one "they fooled you guys the first time but y'all he has been here."

All of this, of course, is just giving new fuel to the ever burning conspiracy of what really happened to Tupac.

Others also pointing out Instagram mysteriously shut down shortly after Knight's bizarre posts began.

At one point in his Instagram ramblings Knight insisted he was not on drugs.

Interestingly, he also repeatedly mentions the illuminati, a so called secret society.

He writes in one caption -- "just know, they've been trying to destroy powerful names and legacies. I saw what I saw and they saw me."

It also should be noted that Suge Knight Sr. is expected to be officially sentenced to nearly three decades in prison today, after he killed a man with his truck nearly four years ago.

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