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ROWLETT — We all know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, right? Well, today’s reminder comes from Rowlett.

Bounds’ Coital Museum is listed on Facebook, Yelp, and even a site called, which describes it as “a comprehensive documentation center for all things coital.”


It even tops Yelp’s list of the “Best 10 Museums in Rowlett!”

Now, before you plan your trip, you should know, Bounds’ Coital Museum doesn’t really exist. And the photos, address, and phone numbers listed actually point to Rowlett High School.

And after a little digging of our own, it seems the fake museum may be named after the principal of RHS, Michelle Bounds.

We reached out to Garland ISD. They said our call was the first they’d heard of it, which hopefully means there haven’t been too many people showing up at the “Best Museum in Rowlett,” hoping for a sex tour.

GISD also said they’re investigating who might have posted the fake pages and how to shut them down.

Oh yeah — and they don’t think the prank is funny.

Hey, as the MuseumTrove entry points out, “The most common age for visitors is 14-18.” Yeah, a museum dedicated to sex is definitely out of bounds.