Is there a mountain lion on the prowl in Arlington?

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ARLINGTON — Is there a mountain lion on the prowl in Arlington? Well, some locals say they’ve seen an animal in the area of a popular park, that fits the description.

“We were going past Snider Creek where there’s that bridge and we hit a wooded area,” recounted Amy Madrid. “Out came about ten feet away from me this animal, it was gold, long tail, it was between the size of a blue heeler and a German Shepherd.”

And the situation turned into a tense standoff.

“We kept backing up and it backed us past the wooded area, past the bridge, so about 30 or 40 yards,” Madrid said.

They contacted River Legacy Park Science Center, who told them it was probably just a large bobcat, but they’re not sure about that.

“It was big. It was golden. It didn’t have spots,” she said. “This had a small face and it had a long tail.”

And they say others in the park have seen the same thing.

We spoke to Sam Kieschnick with Texas Parks and Wildlife, and he says while it’s not impossible for a mountain lion to come into this area, he’d still lean toward it being a large bobcat. As for it’s more aggressive nature? He says that could be due to people unwisely feeding the wild animal and altering its behavior.

But still, it’s not out of the question, and the description fits. It’s just a good reminder, whether it’s a mountain lion or an aggressive bobcat, keep your pets on a leash, and keep an eye on your kids. And remember this:  nature has been here a lot longer than our buildings.

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