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DALLAS — Rapper J. Cole just dropped a freestyle with a shoutout to Oak Cliff!

“Shout out to Oak Cliff, I’m ’bout to fly to Dallas. Decade from now, I might just buy the Mavericks. What up Mark Cuban?”


It’s the first verse of J. Cole’s new song, talking about summer crime, that’s got those at the Oak Cliff Community Center thinking. 

“My mind state feel like the crime in the summertime. Higher than average,” raps J. Cole.

“Everybody listening to J. Cole, and everybody just heard our community,” says Executive Director of For Oak Cliff, Taylor Toynes. “Don’t just talk about our community, our neighborhood, but be here with us.”

He wants peace for his community.

“We powerful people, we close knit, but it’s messed up out here,” Toynes says.

Toynes says there are high crime rates, unsolved murders, low income families and schools that are literally falling apart.

When he heard J. Cole’s song he first thought it was cool, but then thought deeper about the impact it could have.

Every year for Oak Cliff throws a back to school festival, giving community members access to opportunities that don’t come easy.

“His concert tour date in Dallas is the same day as our 4th annual back to school festival,” says Toynes.

You heard that right, J. Cole will be in Dallas the same day the community he’s rapping out is getting together. They are hoping the star will stop by.

“Bro you have a voice that millions of people hear,” says Toynes. “I don’t need to just have a picture with J Cole, what I would like to do is build a rapport with him.”

Alright J. Cole, just carve out an hour, okay?

And for the rest of y’all, Oak Cliff needs your support. “I just want all people, since everybody got Oak Cliff in their mouth, oh I am so Oak Cliff, I am from Oak Cliff, bro, where you been?”

If you want to help get J. Cole to the bash, Tweet at him, tag him on Instagram, or tell the Mavs to get his attention!

You can also help out For Oak Cliff by donating school supplies, or volunteering your time.