Iraq War Vet Reacts to Country’s Chaos

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Rockwall – Staff Sergeant Carter Chick is upset. Who could blame him? After all, this Iraq veteran served two tours and two years in the war-torn country, but now that nation seems to be slipping back into chaos.
“We had over 4,000 guys in Iraq that died,” Chick said. “How many more have come home, missing arms and legs, disfigured; for what?”

Chick fought on the front lines with the Marines, and risked his life for Iraq’s freedom.

Now, the country is struggling to stave off terrorists, threatening to take over Iraq.

“We should be able to help them in some way,” Chick said. “I just hate to see what we did be for absolutely nothing.”

“It just doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem fair. I do think we can salvage this, but we’ve gotta act now.”

An immeasurable loss of lives were sacrificed for a goal that now simply seems unattainable.

When asked if the initial cause of securing the Iraq’s freedom was worth it, Chick said it was.

“The initial chance to give them freedom yes I do,” he explained.

“They didn’t really know how to use their freedom. They were starting to and then we abandoned them. We abandoned them.”​

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