Insulin Pumps May Be a Hack Risk

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ -- Computer hackers are ripping a page right out of Hollywood's playbook, only this time, it's all too real for millions of Americans who have diabetes.

Tuesday, Johnson & Johnson issued a warning that one of their insulin pumps - the Animas OneTouch Ping Insulin Infusion Pump - may be at risk of being hacked.

And for someone suffering from type 1 diabetes, getting a too high or too low dose of insulin could end up being fatal.

The computer security firm that discovered the potential risk said all a hacker would need to do is use the unencrypted radio frequency communication system the pump uses to take control of it. But this also means the hacker needs to be pretty close to whatever pump they're trying to hack.

So the possibility of this kind of thing happening is slim to none, but it's still possible. And Johnson & Johnson wanted their customers to know... just in case.

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