DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re a fan of the fresh air while having a drink out, what about doing all of that during a yoga session? On this North Texas farm, you can take a class outside with alpacas.

TX-Ture Farm is a hidden gem, where you can visit up close with the alpacas in Aubrey Texas.

“We had alpacas as pets. We started doing lavender and just few other things and then COVID head. We heard a lot of our neighbors saying that they wanted to get outside. They wanted to do something. So, we decided to open the farm to the public. We started to just brainstorm different ways that the public could come out and experience these wonderful animals. Get outside. Get some space between you, and hence TX-Ture Farm,” Russell Foster, co-owner TX-Ture Farm, said.

Not only did they create a fun and unique space, they really did make one of the best cures for cabin fever in North Texas.

There are tons of alpacas to meet whilst you venture TX-Ture farm including a three-week-old baby alpaca. How CUTE?!

On top of fun yoga sessions, they also have a gift shop and experience center.

“We teach you how to make so we’ll teach you how to make your own alpaca scarf. We’ll teach you how to do candles and all sorts of different things,” Foster said. “We do farm festivals out here. We share the alpacas so everybody gets to experience what that’s like. We don’t put up a bunch of ropes. We want you in there with us.”

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. Learn more by clicking here.