AFLAC SPONSORED CONTENT — Millions of Americans are currently taking part in open enrollment for health care. Now, a new survey shows just how worried employees are about their mental health and treatment options. The survey found that more than half of all American workers currently face at least moderate levels of burnout, a significant increase over 2021.

We spoked to financial expert, and TV analyst Winnie Sun, renowned as the ‘Wealth Whisperer.’ This nationally respected expert will tackle the issue of affordable health care as she reveals some of the new data from the 2022-2023 Aflac WorkForces Report. Sun will share unique insights from the report that reveals the attitudes of American employers and employees regarding the state of health care benefits in America. This is a timely and important topic for your audience.

Winnie Sun is one of the most sought out speakers in the finance industry. Her goal is to enlighten audiences to better understand how much control they have over their financial futures. Ms. Sun is a regular contributor to CNBC, Forbes, Good Day LA, and Fox News. Winnie has appeared on the biggest business programs and channels in the country, including CNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox Business, hot finance startup Cheddar and dozens of local network affiliates to help viewers better understand their money. Winnie lives in Southern California with her husband and three sons.