DALLAS(KDAF)—Ascension Coffee is one of the Metroplex’s favorite coffee shops. Once you step foot in one of their locations and take a sip of their coffee or a bite of any of their food items, you’ll understand why.

From outstanding high-quality roasted black coffees to lavender lattes, Ascension has something for each and every visitor – from breakfast hour to Golden Hour.

According to their Q Grader (a comparable position to a sommelier) and Managing Director Jessica Keenan, she and her team spend hours making sure they’re roasting and preparing all their products at the right temperatures and more quality control.

With the Ascension roastery located right in Dallas, every coffee item you order is ground from locally roasted beans – sourced from the finest farms, many women-owned and operated.

Those beans are then used for their drink items like their brewed coffees, pour-overs, espresso shots, lattes, cappuccinos, and a myriad of other beverages. Unlike we had seen from a coffee shop before, they also offer a flight of coffee-forward beverages called the Doki flight – including their classic coffee, cold-fashioned, and their seasonal option.

If you’d like to learn more about visiting one of their DFW locations, their coffee roasting, and see their variety of at-home beans, click here.