DALLAS (KDAF) — A new sport is taking the nation by storm and it involves getting into a giant bubble. It’s aptly called bubble ball.

What is this game? Think soccer with a twist. Players get into giant bubbles and play a fun game of soccer. The bubble adds a fun, hilarious element to the game, making it a contact sport, but completely safe. Bubble Ball can be played indoors and outdoors; and is friendly for people of all skill levels.

You may now be thinking, “Where do I sign up?” DFW Metroplex Bubble Ball is here to provide you with all the bubbly fun. They host various bubble ball events across the metroplex, whether it be for your church, school, or even a fun, work party.

Inside DFW host Jenny Anchondo met up with DFW Bubble Ball Co-owner Brian Gaddis to find out more about the sport and the business.

For more information, visit dfwbubbleball.com.