DALLAS (KDAF) — Welcome to your dog’s new favorite spa day. Whether you have a little pup or an enormous one-year-old, Petbar Boutique in Lakewood has everything you need all under one roof.

“We consider ourselves everything cleaning and cutting that has to do with your dog. This is the place to come. You do not want to wash your dog in your tub or your shower where you’re actually bathing yourself,” Kristi Long, franchise co-owner, said. “We have industrial dryers we have brushes, your cleaning solution, central oil cologne, so we provide everything you and your dog come and leave the mess to us.”

How nice is that? Take all the mess out of grooming your dog and leave it up to a professional. All you have to do is disclose your pet’s needs to officials and they will take care of the rest. It is completely hassle-free.

If it’s hard for you to let go of your pup for their entire spa treatment, you can actually do it yourself at their facility. They have a self-serve washing area as well.

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