Purex— Getting stains out of family clothes can take a while and seem pointless, but we talked to someone who might know the trick.

Inside DFW sat with R&D Scientist Kristen Higgins who shared unique and budget-friendly laundry hacks using the washing detergent Purex. In addition to being a Henkel Principal Scientist in Performance Testing, Higgins has 17 years of R&D experience in laundries, home care, and beauty products. 

In addition to Laundry product testing, she has provided claims support for Freshness and Malodor Innovation Platforms as well as NA Fragrance Manager roles. 

Higgins shared tips on saving on household items and how to make laundry easier using those same items. She said do not overdose on your detergent, it will result in you spending more money, and to prevent that make sure to follow the directions for the pack size.

Pre-treating your stains before washing also saves you money and the amount you use. Higgins recommends Purex for rough grass stains or even harder stands.

You can get Purex at Target, Walmart, and most grocery stores.