THE D’UNGER TEAM SPONSORED CONTENT — Nancy Pieper is a realtor and interior decorator and Marian D’Unger is a realtor, real estate instructor and author.

Nancy, how did you two meet and get connected for business?

I walked into an open house and she was working that open house. That was about 30 years ago. We’ve been friends for 30 years and we instantly connected. She tried to get me into real estate then. About 20 years later, I retired for two weeks and said I don’t like to be retired.

Marian, I’ve got to hear about your book. You’re an author as well, so tell us about it.

This book is to inform the uninformed about building in the DFW area, everything from the purchase of the land to the last finishing products that the builder puts in the house. It’s for the consumer to know what to look for, it’s really my effort to separate the good guys from the bad guys in the building industry. This is really what we’re doing on this series to you know, just uplifting and highlighting some of the good guys in the industry.

I want to talk about what your philosophy is. How do you work with clients and how do you do things a bit differently?

We actually become part of their family. We understand what their goals are. Are they keeping the house that they’re wanting to buy for the short term or the long term? Because all of those things matter and how you work with them. It’s about how you help them find what is actually a good end game for them. We do everything. We are in every aspect of the deal from the financial piece to the design piece to the architecture. We are on hand with them from beginning to end.

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