VERIZON SPONSORED SEGMENT — A federal program was recently passed that makes the internet low-cost or even free through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

People are not just using the Internet now for streaming today, but it’s also being used for working from home, it’s being used for job interviews, it’s being used to pay bills, it’s being used to visit your physician virtually over the internet.

For more people now, the internet is a lifeline.

What the Affordable Connectivity Program does is makes home internet available to more people at a more affordable cost. In some cases, it makes internet connectivity free, which is great.

It’s included as part of a federal program that was passed, recently giving folks who qualify up to $30 a month in credit toward internet per household, or if they’re on tribal lands at $75 a month.

Verizon also has a Verizon Forward Program.

The Verizon Forward Program makes certain power home internet options available to our subscribers for free if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. So what you want to first do is go to, and that’s going to show you all the different things that you need to do to qualify for the program.

Once you’re qualified for ACP, and you’re enrolled, and you’re set to go then the Verizon Forward Program makes LTE home and 5G home internet available to you for free each month.

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